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  Above Image is from the 2015 TEDxKC Challenge

The 2015 TEDxKC Challenge

Do you have an idea worth spreading? An idea with the potential to change your workplace, community or the world? We invite you to take the TEDxKC Challenge and submit your idea for a chance to give a TEDx talk on August 29, 2015 in Kansas City. The theme for this year’s TEDxKC is “Reimagine — See The World As It Isn’t”

Helodyne 2015 TEDxKC Challenge

There has been much excitement over the amazon drones and Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, regardless if either of these technologies become viable, neither one really delivers transportation across the broad spectrum required. The Amazon drones are not intended to move people and the Hyperloop, while very fast, can only go to a very limited number of destinations. The Helodyne was designed to transport both people and packages.

With the Helodyne you can deliver both the doctor and their medical supplies during disaster relief, measure the size of the polar ice caps, or count the number of Rhinos in Zimbabwe.

Just like the transition from the horse to the railroad and then from the railroad to the automobile, the Helodyne provides the next level of unfettered freedom to travel, to move wherever the needs require it, or the urge and economic opportunity leads.

Imagine if every significant drive you took today was cut in half, or into a third. Yes, there are technologies today that can do that. Commercial and military helicopters can largely accomplish this. The Helodyne outperforms them all at this size and weight class. More importantly, the Helodyne’s breakthrough is the ease with which it can be piloted and its cost.

As mentioned earlier, a man with no previous helicopter training successfully flew a similar design, so you know it is easy to fly! This implies that anyone that can drive an automobile could pilot a Helodyne, so nearly everyone.

At $75,000, the Helodyne is affordable to a very wide range of both individuals, fractional ownership partners, and agencies, including local agencies. The Helodyne could empower everyday individuals to assist with disaster relief such as required in Haiti, rush trauma victims to medical care where there isn’t emergency helicopter services, or save stranded boaters. The Helodyne could empower local agencies in tracking wildfires, search and rescue of missing children, effective surveillance at high-risk events, or to assist in managing wildlife.

The Helodyne is the next transition in transportation, from the automobile to the amphibious VTOL personal air vehicle.

“Reimagine the world with the Helodyne!”

Helodyne 2015 TEDxKC Challenge Video