Do you have a weekend home or a remote cabin getaway, but spend what seems like half your free time just getting there and back?

Live in Pittsburgh, but want to go skiing in Vermont? However, spending 12 hours in a car with your spouse and kids could be stressful, and cut your slope time in half. You’d probably rather travel that in 3 hours and spend more time skiing.

What if you lived near Denver, but you and your fishing buddy wanted to fish near St. Cloud, Minnesota? By car it’s over 15 hours; it would make a significant difference if you could be there in less than 5 hours – and park on the lake.

Maybe you live near Seattle, but typically have to do business near Santa Cruz, CA (near San Jose), but on the ocean. Driving would take you over 13 hours. Commercial airlines would get you there faster, but no one flies direct to Santa Cruz, so you would have to get through San Francisco’s traffic. The Helodyne gets you there in a little over 5 hours and let's you see the sunset on the Pacific.

The Helodyne is the world's first Sport Utility Aircraft (SUA) based on a proprietary design. Like other helicopters, the Helodyne takes off and lands vertically and is able to hover, but the Helodyne flies nearly as fast and nearly as far as a light airplane. And it is amphibious, so you can take off or land on water as well on land. A similar design was successfully flown by an aviation mechanic with no previous helicopter training, so you know it is easy to fly. By combining previously proven technologies with today's new materials, manufacturing techniques, and inexpensive electronic navigation, this unique kit helicopter is a robust aircraft that is affordable for a broader market than any other helicopter.

The Helodyne's particular combination of features is unmatched by any certified or homebuilt aircraft. Providing unparalleled utility through ease of control, good flight speed, and diversity of destinations via amphibious VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) operation, the Helodyne is far easier to fly, safer to operate, and much more affordable than traditional helicopters. Unlike airplanes, it does not require an airport for take-off or landing, so direct door-to-door travel is possible for many situations rather than airport-to-airport travel. Unlike a car, it is faster and more consistent, avoiding both traffic and construction, and is able to accommodate nearly the same weather conditions as cars.

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