The Helodyne Crushes Driving Time!

This Google Map shows you both your driving distance and time and your flying distance and time to your destination. It also compares both the distances and times to show you the improvement possible by flying in the Helodyne. You can also graphically compare the "directness" of your driving route to that of the "as the crow flies" route provided by the Helodyne.

The shaded circles shows the range depending upon the payload: 

This map behaves just like any other Google Map; so you can pan, zoom, etc. just like you would normally. To get started, just provide two distinations of interest and either click the "Compare Driving to the Helodyne!" button or enter.


Driving vs. the Helodyne
Travel Categories Driving Helodyne Improvement % Improvement
Distance Traveled (miles)
Average Speed (mph)
Travel Time (hours:minutes)

Driving Directions Driving and Flying Route Map