The Helodyne Outperforms All Convential Helicopters!

Let’s compare the Helodyne to the “world’s most popular helicopter,” the Robinson R44, as well as the Robinson R22, a 2 place piston helicopter, and the RotorWay A600 Talon, a 2 place "homebuilt" helicopter. Because of its exceptional performance, The Helodyne vastly out performs other traditional helicopters, as you can see in the graph below:
Helodyne vs. Helicopters

The Helodyne is amphibious which none of the other helicopters are without additional floats and modifications, which would further reduce payload or range or both.

Please Note: Every attempt has been made to make this comparison as accurate as possible, however, as manufacturers do not provide publically specifications for all possbile conditions, values have been estimated where needed. The estimation method is the same for all, so it should be equally accurate for all cases.